Utilize Free Advertising to Increase Sales

Utilize Free Advertising to Increase Sales

Utilize Free Advertising to Increase Sales

One of the most effective ways to increase sales is to do promotions, such as advertising business products through conventional and digital media. Nowadays, promotion can be done more easily with the presence of social media. You can use social media to market your product, with paid and free advertisements.
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In the digital era as it is today, online marketing activities are indispensable for developing a business. With internet-based online media, a product or service offered will be more quickly known by the wider community. The goods or services offered can be seen directly by the wider community from PC devices, laptops or even on their mobile phones wherever they are via mobile devices.

Advertising done by business people to increase sales has a very big role. The function and role of advertising is to help introduce products to be sold to consumers. The more well-known these products, then usually the public confidence will also increase. Another function of advertising is to attract the interests of buyers, help identify products, to build love for the product itself. Advertising is not always paid, you can advertise your product or service for free. The following explanation:

1. Ad Free

Free advertising is advertising that does not cost anything in its implementation. This type of advertising is very suitable for new businesses that have limited capital, so there is no need to spend large funds to carry out promotions. Although it’s free, if you do it right, free advertising can be effective.

2. Paid Advertising
For developing companies with sufficient promotional budgets, there is no harm in using paid advertising. The level of effectiveness will certainly be higher than free advertising. Because it can expose a wider and / or segmented audience or prospective consumers. Examples of paid advertisements are advertisements that appear on TV, radio, newspapers and billboards.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Ads
One of the tips that must be applied in advertising a product is to measure the effectiveness of advertising. Then, how can we judge the effectiveness of the ads we make? Here are some things you can do to help determine the effectiveness of your ad:

Ask consumers questions about a number of things, such as where they can find out the product, ask which parts of your ad are interesting, and so on. Don’t forget to say thank you every time you communicate with consumers.
Don’t forget to record or collect data about consumer comments about your ad.
Make conclusions from the data that you have collected, from there you will know the level of effectiveness of advertising to increase sales of your products.


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